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january 2007

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December, 6, 2001

March, 9, 2001

A new release of the Database Interface Program has been implemented (version 3.3.0). Aside a few bugs as BUG 2000.01, the main improvement of this version on test is the possibility to get numeric data from others web sites. This is done by creating dynamic links to these data from your GAPHYOR request. For more details please refer to the help page or test it right now.

At present time, connections to these Atomic and Molecular data sites are available:

March, 3, 2000

A new release of the Database Interface Program has been implemented (version 3.1.6). The main improvments of this version are:

October, 25, 1999

GAPHYOR now can deliver abstracts and titles for some papers. This is done by giving you a direct link to the paper on the site of the electronic version of the concerned journal. Physical Revue A, is the first one available on GAPHYOR. Some others journals will soon follow.

To get the abstract or the paper, once you achieved your GAPHYOR request, just click on the bibliographic reference. As for example:

  Natalense A P P(BR SP CA), Bettega M H F, Ferreira L G, Lima M A P
  Phys. Rev. A, US vol.59 p.879 (1999)

  CFCl3, e
  Transport cross sections (momentum, ...) (Electronic collisions)

  Total cross sections (absolute values)
  Medium energies (10 eV < E < 10 keV CM system)
  Theoretical data
  energies: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 eV
  values:   22.80, 21.96, 18.56, 18.33, 17.13 E-16 cm2

September, 1, 1998

GAPHYOR Database has been moved on a new workstation. This makes requests to the database a lot faster, up to 8 times. This is done by two ways:

November, 25, 1997

A new version of GAPHYOR Handbook is available. The Handboook is now a set of 23 volumes, presenting data in a specific physical or chemical domain. Each volume is about of 100 pages.

Publication of GAPHYOR Update is stopped.

October, 7, 1997

An advanced version of the query program is available. This new version allows queries on a few more criteria as bibliographic ones and new ones to describe the reactants. Of course as this new page is presented in a more condensed way and is less easy of use, the previous version stays as the standard one.

Last version is GAPHYOR 3.1. This version runs for "standard query" and "advanced query". Version 3.01 will be obsoltete in a while.

September, 23, 1997

Since a few months, a new network was installed in our University. It appeared that some of you had problems to get connecting especially on week-end time. This problem is finally solved. GAPHYOR is now really available all day long.

July, 11, 1997

March, 5, 1997

New release of GAPHYOR : GAPHYOR 3.01. This release corrects problem 97-001

January, 20, 1997

December, 3, 1996 GAPHYOR 3.0 is on test

Interrogation on 2 reactants. Try it now ! and help us to find bugs.

October, 28, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.21 is available

New possibilities to get data from"special reactants" : surface, adsorbed molecule, clusters and iso-electronic series.

October, 8, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.12b is available

New criteria on Numerical Values.

July, 18, 1996

July, 2, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.1 is available

In this version, the second form (the one you get after submitting your request and before displaying data) has been largely modified. It includes new criteria :

It also includes a choice for the displaying mode :

June, 26, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.04 is available

This version corrects problem 96-004.

May, 22, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.02 is available

This version corrects bugs 96-002 et 96-003.

May, 13, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.01 is available

A new version of the query program (gaphyor 2.01) has been installed. This version includes error tests on values of retrieval criteria. Every field typed with the keyboard is now checked before submission. It concerns the following criteria : "formula" and ionization for the molecule, the chemical elements and the processes.

April, 2, 1996 GAPHYOR 2.0 is available

A new version of the query program (gaphyor 2.0) has been installed. This gives the possibility to describe a molecule to search data. This molecule or reactant selected from the initial state or the final state is coded as follows, specifying :

This new version, tested on various platforms, seems working well with Mosaic and Netscape.

February, 17, 1996 New homepage

Finally, with the new homepage, disappeared the icon server in preparation. This new presentation should be stable for a while.

Besides a new version of the query program (gaphyor 1.3) has been installed. This gives new selection criteria :

January, 29, 1996 Journals decoding

Conferences are now fully decoded, when references are listed on screen. Few journals which were missing as well. If ever some lacks still remain please tell us.

January, 15, 1996 GAPHYOR Update

The last edition of GAPHYOR UPDATE is available. Now published once a year, it includes the new entries registered in the database. This issue, UPDATE 95, includes 25,745 entries.

January, 12, 1996 Database Access

New version of the database query program (version 1.2) has been installed. This new version :

  1. gives a better presentation of data listed on screen :
  2. corrects problem 96-001 : this error occurred sometimes when printing a postscript file.
This version 1.2 is still a beta version, with some possible problems.

Version 1.3 is also available for test. It allows new selection of criteria.

See also Evolution of the Database Query Program